1. Feb 2004

Designed and created a few html pages, nothing special and don't expect any change in the next few years...

17. Nov 2004

Woot! I've got a new design. And the pages are now based on templates (perl HTML::Template).

20. Nov 2004

Another day, another update. I've updated the design a little bit, because the old design felt wrong. It used a <div> with a zero height. Obviously I could have easily achieved the same effect with a table. Even back when I did my last webpage (oh 2000) CSS was superior, but back then browser support for CSS was abysmal.
Now, four years later, mozilla.org has finally produced a functional browser around it's gecko engine. (The Mozilla Suite is only functional compared to IE.) And CSS 2.1 has exactly what I want: display: inline-block;. Alas gecko doesn't support it. The bug report (IE 6 would suppport it, but only with a hack.) If you want to see the right layout, use konqueror, safari or opera.